Delicious Fans


Awesome Doughnuts, always fresh. Helpful and friendly staff who remember what you order even if it it the 4th time you have been there in a year! But make sure to get there before 11:00, because this place sells out every day!


C M.

Portland, OR

Hate to say this as a resident of Old Town/Chinatown, but better than Voodoo.

I only stop by one day a week and after about a month they knew exactly what I wanted before I opened my mouth. Very friendly and I believe a family-owned business.

Oh yeah and the donuts are great, too. Good selection of classic flavors, nothing fancy. I really like the oblong shaped chocolate one. Don't know what they call it, but I'm pretty sure buttermilk is involved.

Paul C.

Portland, OR

I never would have noticed Delicious Donuts (as their sign so eloquently states) as it is adjacent to that inexorably puzzling Plaid Pantry that is frequented by all manner of unsavory types. However, we happened to be stumbling past en route to Ararat from the Doug Fir at the witching hour (midnight), when suddenly our senses were overtaken by one of the most delicious smells on earth, that of freshly baked and frosted donuts, emanating from behind the Plaid Pantry/Delicious Donuts building.


Like helpless creatures in a tractor beam, we drifted inevitably towards the front doors of Delicious Donuts. To our horror, the lights were dark, the display cases empty, and our eyes settled on the brutal addendum to the closed sign: "DONUTS SOLD OUT."


Wailing and rending of garments ensued.


As we turned away, defeated, we heard that magical sound of a door opening. "Wait," cried an angelic voice behind us, "we have donuts if you want." We turned to see a cherubic donut bakeress. Her ebon tresses glinted in the moonlight. She beckoned us into Delicious Donuts, where a heavenly light glowed from the back door, silhouetting a rack that had been wheeled out, laden with row upon row of freshly baked donuts.

"Which flavor do you want? How many?" Watching stupefaction creep across our faces, as sheer awe and bewilderment overtook us, she offered us a mixed dozen. "Yes, PLEASE!" we said. "You ever want donuts-even when we're closed-come in the side door," she told us warmly.


As I took a chocolate old fashioned (my preferred donut choice - not too doughy), its warmness in my hand filled my entire body with a thrill. Sinking my teeth into its crisp outside, meltingly sweet chocolate glaze, and soft steaming inside, I experienced a rare bliss. Never had I had such a delicious donut in Portland. Not at Annie's on NE Fremont. Not at cloyingly sweet Voodoo, in its flagship store or various other bakeries & cafes around town.

Here, in Delicious Donuts, I had found donut bliss. Mmmmmmmm.....dooooonut.


Esther H.

Portland, OR

I went here this morning. The posted hours were: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- 5 AM till out of donuts, and Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday- 3 AM till out of donuts.

Tastes good.

Weston S.

Portland, OR

Tucked into the corner of this itty-bitty strip of stores, Delicious Donuts is a hidden treasure. I first heard about this place while visiting my ex-in-law's church, of all places, when the minister actually encouraged the congregation to visit the place (but not on Sunday, of course).


Since it's on the way to my kids' school, we decided to stop by and by golly, that minister was right about one thing... these donuts are like heaven on earth. Delicious, they are. Light and not too oily. They're wonderful. Now that I've realized I'm gluten-intolerant I can only smell their glory, but the kids eat them on a semi-regular basis.

They're less than a buck a piece and really are the best donuts in town.

Teresa C.

Portland, OR

Tasty donuts for a good price! I'm in search of Portland's best donuts, and these are definitely contenders. My benchmarks are the apple fritter and the maple bar (although my officemates are working their way through the rest of the assorted box). The fritter was as good as VooDoo across the river, and I'd say the maple bar was better. Mind you, these are different donuts: light, fluffy, almost creamy in texture, in traditional donut form (you will find no extreme donuts here). The fact that they're on several convenient bus lines (6, 12, 19, 20) is a real plus for early morning donut runs.

Joe L.

Portland, OR