Phone In Your Delicious Donuts Order Ahead!

Maple twist

Glazed raised

Chocolate covered white

cake with sprinkles

Chocolate covered white

cake with peanuts

Vanilla white cake

with peanuts

Apple fritter

Bear claw with apple



Buttermilk bar

Glazed, Chocolate,Maple, and Plain

Chocolate bar

Chocolate rasied

Chocolate twist

Cinnamon roll

Vanilla covered white

cake with coconut

Crum white cake

Maple bar

Maple rasied

Old fashioned maple

Old fashioned chocolate

Glazed old fashioned

Vanilla covered white

cake with sprinkles

Sugar raised




  • Delicious Donuts
  • Breakfast Burger
  • Breakfast Bagel
  • Breakfast Buritto
  • Espresso Bar

Delicious Donuts Menu

Delicious Donuts Mixed

(Regular size donuts)

1/2 Dozen                  $5.50

Baker's Dozen (13)  $10.50


Bad Boy Mixed

(Apple Fritter, Apple Bear Claw, and Cinnamon Roll Only)

1/2 Dozen                    $7.95

Baker's Dozen (13)    $15.50



Delicious Donuts Singles

Reg $1.00

  • Cake
  • Old Fashioned
  • Buttermilk
  • Maple and Chocolate bar
  • Barvian cream
  • Raspberry filled
  • Glazed raised
  • Maple and Chocolate round
  • Twist (maple, chocolate, glazed, and cinnamon)
  • Lemon filled

Lg $1.50

  • Apple fritter
  • Apple bear claw
  • Cinnamon roll


Delicious Donuts Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Sandwich $3.25

choice of meat: Ham/sausage/bacon

egg & cheese on English muffin/Glazed Raised

Extra meat/cheese:$0.50

Breakfast Burrito $5.25

Choice of meat: Ham/Sausage/Bacon

egg, cheese, hashbrown & side of salsa

Extra meat/cheese:$0.50  Extra salsa: $0.25

Breakfast Bagel $5.25

Choice of meat:Ham/Sausage/Bacon

egg & cream cheese/american cheese

Extra meat/cheese: $0.50

Delicious Breakfast Special $5.25

Choice of meat:Ham/Sausage/Bacon

2 eggs your way, hash brown, & white toast

Extra meat/cheese:$0.50

Omlette $5.50

Choice of meat:Ham/Sausage/Bacon

hash brown, cheese & white toast

Extra meat/cheese :$0.50

Bagel $1.50

Favors: Plain, cheddar, Jalapeno chedder, everthing, hot n spicy (everything bagel with pepperjack)

-with butter $1.50

-with Cream cheese $2.50

Extra Cream cheese $0.50

Breakfast Burger $6.45

 Serve  with 1/3 lb beef, hashbrowns,

egg your way, cheese, and bacon on a sesame bun
Grilled Cheese $2.75

White/Wheat Toast

Extra $1.00 for Ham/Bacon/Sausage

Coffee, Espresso, Smoothies and More